Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ray gets wet again!

Well done Mr Fellows, although if you go out in much more Rain you are going to have to trade 'Monty' in for an Otter hound!
Anyway, this time it was sort of worth it as he did find our third Goldeneye of the autumn. Its funny that as numbers of this species seem to be declining at their traditional sites they are becoming a bit more frequent on the Mere. Perhaps its just a fluke seasonal thing this year but it would be nice to see these gorgeous little birds a bit more frequently.
Not a lot more to report although Ray did take time to count the other interesting duck (Pochard (9) - Gadwall (4) and a male Shoveler). I have got my eldest home for the weekend so not likely to be doing much on the Marsh so if you do put your waders on and have a look, let me know what you see please (that's on the Marsh, not in your waders, I'm sure your socks are very colourful but with respect, I'm not that interested). - Chaz