Friday, 24 October 2014

...And an update

On the marsh this Afternoon: Shoveler (5) - Teal (10) - Chaffinch (2M) - Bullfinch (1M) - Buzzard (1) - Goldcrest (1) - Great Spotted Woodpecker (1)
On the Mere this afternoon: Great Crested Grebe (6) - Wigeon (17) - Pochard (1F) - Teal (1) -
Greylag (1) - Ray Fellows (1) & Monty-the dog (1)
Hopefully the aforesaid Mr Fellows will have relocated the Short-Eared Owl (such was his avowed intent) and I will have cause to update later? - Chaz

Monarch of the Marsh...

Neil Tipton always takes a good photo but how would you like one of these in your back garden? Neil spotted this handsome beast from his window yesterday and managed to stalk close enough to get this excellent shot. He was at it again this morning as apparently there was a stag and five hinds in the same area at daybreak today.
Word of caution to the dog walkers out there, some of these stags may still be in rut so keep your dog on a lead if you see any stags about - they have been known to attack dogs at this time of year in order to protect their harem (don't we all)? - Chaz